Chornyteryer Kennels
"One Russian is Never Enough"


I have bred large breed dogs for over 30 years. I now have imported 9 BRT’s. I have also imported several batches of semen to keep my lines clean. 

First the Giant schnauzer and for the last 13 years the Beautiful Black Russian Terrier. Whilst in the UK looking for new lines of the Giant I discovered the BRT's and fell in love. Once home I spent time researching the breed and then imported my 1st BRT. His nature was fantastic and so the love affair grew. I have now imported 5 to date and breed many puppies over the ensuring years.

Living in the stunning Pohangina Valley in the lower North Island of New Zealand my dogs have a wonderful life with the Ruahine ranges to the side, many walks and a river lapping at their feet life does not get much better for them.

They are housed in purpose built river stone kennels with large runs. Most of the time they run free on the 10 acres. My home is setup so that my dogs also can have the run of the house. 


I am dedicated to breeding only the BRT"s and my focus is to breed well balanced loyal loving robust dogs.

My puppies are well handled, have as many experiences as I can give them and are well rounded and confident when they leave me at 8 weeks (never before). 

I welcome visits from interested persons and am only ever a phone call or email away.